The Basic Forum Rules

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The Basic Forum Rules Empty The Basic Forum Rules

Post by Drake Heros on Thu 10 Dec 2009 - 19:42


Begging is not allowed.
Harassing is not allowed.
Trolling is not allowed.
Chain Letters are not allowed.
Illegal content is not allowed.
Advertising is not allowed. If you want to advertise, do it in your signature.
Swearing is allowed if it is in context, but not when aimed at or about another user. Don't overdo it.
Sexual content on the forum is not allowed. If you want to turn something in the RPG sexual, then hop to the PMs


Bumping is not allowed. Don't be a noob when you don't have to. Really.
Spamming is not allowed. This includes posts which are about nothing or have no content except for a picture/icon.
Double Posting is allowed, but we prefer if you edit your posts.
Copy/pasting content from other sites is allowed when the content is Quoted and credits are given to the rightful owner.
Posting in other languages other then the languages in the forums is not allowed as the staff can not read every language existing and would like to be able to keep an eye on what is being said
Page stretching is not allowed.
Signatures are allowed and can have the maximal size of 350 pixels height and 500 broad pixels to avoid page stretching.

Warnings will be dealt, followed by punishments varying on the limit of breaking the rules.
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