Journals of a small GFA Team.

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Journals of a small GFA Team. Empty Journals of a small GFA Team.

Post by Infenyte on Wed 20 Jan 2010 - 18:01

"Get ready, nearing the Destination. Estimated time till arrival is ten minutes. Dropzone clear of reds and all systems are 100% so sit tight and enjoy the ride." The buzzing of the intercom flickered off as the main pilot had finished his report.

A small transport ship of the GFA, designend to transport ground forces to the planet. Barely room for 20 personel, but there were not that many. 3 old soldiers and a couple of fresh GFA recruits, or rookies as the experienced soldiers call them, on their way to their very first combat mission, and a bad one to boot.

"Alright team listen up" A white scaled creature looked over at the men sitting together in the transport zone. "I know we debriefed this a couple of times but better safe then sorry." The badge on his uniform gave away he was a captain. "We are send to Thane. A small planet colonised by humans, population around 1400 and rising. A report of Bloodseeker activity came in. Our job is to investigate and evaluate the danger these...things posses and judgin by the threat level we either call for reinforcements or deal with them ourselves." He took a good look at the faces he was supposed to lead. Except for three they where all just rookies, like himself. It seemed only yesterday that they where in the Galactic Federation Alliance academy together.

"Now listen up kids" Jhonas, one of the veteran soldiers accompianing the bunch of rookies said. "I know that they teach you at the academy those Reds are not our allies anymore, but I'll tell ya, it aint gonna be easy seeing them as enemies." He grunted and sat up straighter on his chair, his strong hairy hand rubbing over the big scar across his face from his last encounter with a Bloodseeker. "But if you aint gonna kill em they sure gonna kill you...or worse."

Geditz, a Thral veteran snickered as if Jhonas just told a funny joke. "Yeah. I saw what they did with prisoners. We were on one of those cattle worlds of yours and when we got to the base we saw all that blood and body parts ALL over the place. I'll tell ya this, you got grabbed and carried off, be sure to kill do NOT want to live as their prisoner." The Thrall was bigger then Jhonas and he looked like a freakin giant!.

"If you feel doubtfull to shoot a Bloodseeker think about this." Fujiko, a small Japanese woman and the last of the veteran soldiers spoke. "They cannot be cured, they do not want to be cured. The people they were once would not wish to bring such destruction upon their friends. By removing them you save them from a life of crualty and suffering, for themselves and others." Fujiko moved her head to one of the windows and smiled. "Look. that is Thane, our latest addition of the human colonies. Isn't it beutifull?"

Jhonas just snorted, "Just have to make sure that we keep it that way"
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