Lesson 4 - The training

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Lesson 4 - The training Empty Lesson 4 - The training

Post by Drake Heros on Thu 10 Dec 2009 - 18:59

Welcome back once again. As you have had 3 lessons already, you should know quite a lot about RPing now. As for that we start with training you skills. This involves a single post and I, Drake Heros, will correct it and tell what you could have done better.

What do you have to post?

Copy the next codes and paste in in your own new made topic and fill it out. You have to make a little story of your own. Just made up random. It doesn't have to be a big story. But a story with a meaning behind it would seem right. For example;
You have to go to school, but somehow can't. You call you friend and ask him/her to help you out. He/she comes over and you both think of a plan to go to school anyway. Or just really a good lie to skip it.
It was just an idea. Just think of a little story yourself and make it in a post for like in a real RP.

    Make a simple character.

    [i]Name :[/i]
    [i]Age :[/i]
    [i]Gender :[/i]
    [i]History/Background :[/i]
    [i]Appearance :[/i]

    [u][b]Roleplay act[/b][/u]
    Type a little roleplay as for how your character would act, say, think and do.
So what to do?

- Make a new topic in the [Lesson 4 - The training] forum
- Copy + paste the code above in the first post and fill it out
- Make a little RP
- Drake Heros will do the rest and comment your post(s)
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