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What Manga? Empty What Manga?

Post by Drake Heros on Tue 12 Jan 2010 - 17:17

Heya again.

Although I love anime a lot. Manga is even more my thing. Don't ask me why, but manga tells me a lot more than most anime do.
I read quite a lot online. But I do have some series on my own. I bought them because they are worthy anough to have in physical form.

Which Manga do I have?
Tsubasa Resorvior Chronicle - Book 1 - 20 (the remaining 7 are still on their way)
Full Moon wo Sagashite - Book 1 - 7 (the complete serie)
xxxHolic - Book 1 - 3 (The remaining 25 are still on their way)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Book 1 (still got only book 1, but it is so freaking awesome I need the rest!!)
.hack//G.U.+ - Book 1 (Only 1, the rest I don't know yet)
Kingdom Hearts - Book 1 - 2 ( Yeah people the manga about the game. Got the books from one of my best friends)

What Manga? Sig-Syaoran01
What Manga? DrakeHeros
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