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Post by Infenyte on Mon 11 Jan 2010 - 18:45

General Settings

Hello and Welcome to Bloodseekers. As stated in the title this is a Sci-Fi RP setting, meaning that it will be futuristic played and thus has no room for wizards, swords and beings from an alternate dimension summonend here to wreak havoc on the world. Razz
Furthermore is it possible for romancing and drama and such but the main goal of this rp will still be awesome battles with the enemy...so that is what you should pay attention to.

This RP happens in the year 2114, 28 years after first (offical) contact with an alien species. You play as a fresh recruit of the GFA (Galactic Federation Alliances), a large army school located in a top-notch space platform. It is the job of the GFA to maintain galactic peace trough the known galaxy. You and the other roleplayers have just been assignend on your first mission to deal wih a group of Bloodseekers (More on them later). Together with a small squadron of veterans who supossedly will guide you trough the battle and here is where the RP will start.

Now in this RP you are allowed to play as one of the races on ONE exception. I will add race history and the like in the Codex Topic Be sure to (even if you choose to play as the human race) look into the Codex for information about everything you need to know. I will try to keep things as simple as possible.

Thats it, hope you like it here.

Important Notices

I will be playing with many characters in this RP. Mainly to keep the story going the right way. I have a general sense at where the story is going at but haven't worked it out to the detail so there is still stuff open to RP with. If you have any ideas concerning the storyline or makin a side-storyline be sure to let me know in the form of a PM (Private Message). I will review the possibility and give you an answer.

Furthermore if you have anyhting other to ask, you can do so in this topic. Ill answer to the best of my ability

We will follow the standard RP Rules:
No killing of other Roleplayers characters or important characters unless the player says it is ok.
No Godmodding, you are NOT immortal, you are a rookie made of flesh and blood.
No special beings or races, just use the races i made and if you have an idea for your own race, pm me about it first
No Swordsplay, we use futuristic guns and leaping at your opponents with a katana is just a dumb idea
It is allowed to swear
Altough sexual Intercourse with a fellow Roleplayer is allowed be sure to keep it PG 13, meaning no words about how the big choo-choo train goes trough the tunnel of love you hear! Embarassed
you can however "spend the night in the same censored tent"

More rules can come when it hit my mind.
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