Lesson 2 - How to begin Roleplaying

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Lesson 2 - How to begin Roleplaying Empty Lesson 2 - How to begin Roleplaying

Post by Drake Heros on Tue 8 Dec 2009 - 2:58

Welcome back again. Are you ready for your next lesson about RP? Well than. Listen to this.

First of all. You can never roleplay anything without thinking of the story and your character(s).

One person or a little group think of a headline to play along and will set up a background story, character information and they will start the RP them selfs.

Of course the group making the RP, have to think long before creating just some RP. It needs spirit, attraction and emotion. Without this it will never really live at all. People need motivation to start an RP after all.

Second and probably most important part. Thinking of your own Character.

You have to think of a name, age, gender, background/history, what is your character capable of, what does he/she/it looks like, etc.

At most fora, character sheets are already made up and you have to fill them in only. In other occasions, you have to set it completely up yourself.

Tips :

- Never use a too hard name like Unchiboluchikaruganoi Ilildiankropaclal. It may sound good but is extremely hard to use. So use simple names with a flavor of expression in it. Kokaruneade Ichigauki for instance. It is still long but easier to read and use. Of course it is here recommended to use a abbreviation. It is easier for others to call you by that abbreviation.
A example for a abbreviation for Kokaruneade Ichigauki. A good one would be Koka or Ichiga. Simple and short, still the same as your full name.

- Never make the history like a whole book. Keep it simple and still try to make a deep impression with it. Don't make it to short either. Or if you just don't know, use the thing like, kept hidden or memory loss. But still use a story around it. It is just like a second life to you. You have a history, so does your character.

- Make sure you use an explanation about your looks. You are a person, so you must look like something. The usage of pictures is commonly, but describe it if you like to make it different.

- Take your time making a Character. Never rush it. Because it is really important that you are able to play as that character, so you have to know how he/she would react or act like.

Until our next meeting. I hope you learned a lot already. Maybe I am a good teacher/sensei after all.
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