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Post by Drake Heros on Thu 10 Dec 2009 - 19:57

Many people use shortcuts for words en senses. Here will come a list of explanations of those words. Do you know some more and aren't they listed here jet. PM the admin of any other moderator and tell them about it.

List of shortcuts :

RP = RolePlay = This is like playing a character made by yourself.
RPG = RolePlaying Game = These are games for game-consoles. Like Final Fantasy for the PS and Golden Sun for the GBA.
ORPG = Online RolePlaying Game = RPG's online on the web on single.
MMORPG = Massive Multi Online RolePlaying Game = Like WoW. It is played with many people together at once on 1 server. So you can play together.
PC = Personal Computer = A normal computer or laptop.
PS = PlayStation = Is a game-console from Sony.
PS2 = PlayStation 2 = Is a game-console from Sony.
PS3 = PlayStation 3 = Is a game-console from Sony.
PSP = PlayStation Portable = Is a game-console from Sony.
GBA = GameBoy Advanced = Is a game-console from Nintendo.
NDS = Nintendo DS = Is a game-consile from Nintendo.
AMG = Anime, Manga and Games
WoW = World of Warcraft = Is a MMORPG.
RO = Ragnarok Online = Is a MMORPG.
OMG = Oh My God
OMFG = Oh My Fucking God
ZOMG = Zo Oh My God (Zo is dutch for So) (Or the Z just doesn't mean anything, but it sounds nice ^^)
WOMG = Wow Oh My God (Wow as in "Wow, I'm surprised!")
Lol = Laughing Out Loud
Rofl = Rolling Over Flour Laughing
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